Composed 2010–11

Instrumentation piano, bass, drums

Recording Ethan Iverson, Reid Anderson, and Dave King of the Bad Plus, March 28, 2011. Recorded and mixed by Jason Richmond at SoundPure Studios

Program Notes

Movement across ice floes with flat edges is free, but you need a rope to leave or enter an ice floe with pack ice (you leave the rope behind on the tile you left). You can also swim across one stretch of open water by eating a fish (which is discarded).  The sun had just dipped into a fog bank and tinted the surrounding floes with brushstrokes of peach and magenta. Before us lay huge blocks of ice tumbled together like an upended box of Legos. The ice floes resembling towers and minarets may actually have been mirage-reflections of some weird and aeon-haunted alien metropolis at far remove… Floes are self-similar because they are composed of aggregates of aggregates.  I’d give a lot for taste of deep antarctic ice. Imagine drinking water that’s been out of circulation since before our species was born! In 1991, the Floes cleared the debris and cut the blackberries on their property and the disputed parcel back to a line approximately 15 to 20 feet from the drainage ditch. Please note: Cold Snap now has a base cooldown of 8 minutes, so 2/2 Ice Floes brings its cooldown to 6 minutes 24 seconds.

However, the seamless yet never ending layers of “Ice Floe” rage with ease. There’s even remnants of a pop song buried underneath all this glorious noise, one that’s marched on with armies of steal drums and washes of avant rhythms. The sound as the floe passed the hull seemed like someone trying to open the hull with a can opener! Several days later, when the surface wind speeds and computed stress at all four buoys dropped to ∼60% and e1 of their respective peak storm values, a counterclockwise rotation began at each buoy with a concomitant impulsive ambient noise peak. The rotationally‐induced “noise bursts” are called icequakes in an analogy with earthquakes. I was thinking, do you think it is worth it to take the 3 points out of ice floes and put it into arctic winds?

When people look at the name Floe, they might ask the question, “is Floe a man or a woman?”, or “what is the gender of the name Floe?” When an electric current floes through a long conductor each free electron moves? Where is the Army when you need it? The floes are now pressed further and further towards the shore … The southern wind helps … It seems pretty cool because of the humidity … I hope the wind will soon come from a different direction … To the ice floes, useless eaters!