Palimpsests (2018) for improvisers

Spork By Gnat (2014) for brass quintet, 4′

The Cat and the Capybara (2014) a game piece for improvisers

Mirlitaine+Mirliton (2013) for chamber orchestra, 5′

Hallmarks, Sigils, and Colophons (2011-12) for soprano, mezzo-soprano, alto, and chamber orchestra, 35′, texts by Christian Bök

Frog, Pond, Plop (2012) for mezzo-soprano and piano, 5′, text by Christian Bök

I Might Fit (2011) for soprano, flute, violin, and percussion, 6′, text by Christian Bök

Floes (2010-11) for piano, double bass, and drums 5-8′

Helen Sleeps (2009) for soprano, mezzo-soprano, flute, violin, cello, double bass, and harp, 4′, texts by Christian Bök

Ezra Pound Songs (2009) for mezzo-soprano, trumpet, viola, bass clarinet, and percussion, 20′

Remixes for two pianos
In My Ayes (2009), 3′
Bitches Too (2007), 3′

Meatballs & Backbeats (2007-8) for flute, b-flat clarinet/bass clarinet, violin, cello, piano, and percussion, 16′

Clapper/Pealer (2008) for two violins, viola, flute, oboe, clarinet, and carillon (or electronics), 7′

Defenestration #4 (2007) for bass clarinet, baritone saxophone, bassoon, and trombone (or any four bass instruments) 6-8′

Training Wheels (2006) for viola and cello, 12′