Dan Ruccia (b. 1982) is a Durham, North Carolina, based composer, violist, and improviser. His playing pushes against the edges of sound, trying to get at what happens when classical performance techniques begin to decay. He can be heard playing with the many fantastic players who are part of North Carolina’s vibrant improvisational scene. As a composer, he writes music that exists at the intersection of different styles, forms, and genres, particularly free jazz and punk in all of its manifestations.

When he’s not making sounds, he co-hosts Polyphonic Perversity on WXDU (Sundays noon-2pm Eastern), writes for the IndyWeek (amongst others), and does graphic design at Duke University Press. He can often be found chasing after his 3-year-old daughter.

Email for scores, recordings, questions, or anything else:

dan [at] danruccia [dot] com